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apocalypse, baring, bringing to light, casual discovery, catching, chance discovery, denudation, desquamation, detection, determination, determining, disclosing, disclosure, discovering, discovery, distinguishment, divestment, espial, excavation, excoriation, exfoliation, exhibitionism, exhumation, expose, exposition, exposure, find, finding, finding out, indecent exposure, invention, laying bare, locating, location, lucky strike, manifestation, patefaction, recognition, rediscovery, removal, removing the veil, revealing, revealment, revelation, serendipity, showing up, showup, spotting, strike, stripping, treasure trove, trouvaille, trove, uncloaking, unearthing, unfolding, unfoldment, unmasking, unveiling, unwrapping

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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